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I am so thrilled you stopped by today! I'm Becky and this is where I get to share my love of all things nature, art, family, sewing, and design with you!  I'm a budding surface pattern designer, sewist, wife, and mama of four wild, loving kiddos (as you can see), and we live smack dab in the center of the US.  When I'm not chasing these goofs around (literally, ha!) I can usually be found sneaking {dark} chocolate, listening to Harry Potter on repeat, rushing to finish sewing an outfit on the way out the door, or  scouring the web for more luscious fabric to add to my never-ending collection. 

I am inspired by nature and the simplistic beauty it provides, and aspire to share that beauty with the world through my creations.

I'm so honored to have to join me here in this space, and I'd love to collaborate with you on a project. All of my artwork here is original and available for license. 

HEllo there!

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The first leaves of Spring, tiny and hopeful, delicate, precious, full of beauty and JOY.

is inspired by the prairie on which I live. The  ebb and flow of shadow and light that come with the breeze of day and the stillness of night. The dry land forgotten for the flash of the world, but when remembered, provides a beauty no  human can truly recreate.

Up over the hill to that beautiful view, the sweetest of smells and the purest of blues. Surrounded by nature, the gulls and the geese the cottonwood, silver birch, the cattails and reeds. Life at the lake puts all else on pause; packs it up neatly and shuts it up in a box. Time moves slower, no hurry, no rush. There's time to enjoy and to visit and breath. Time to swim or to boat, catch a fish or just read, to rest or sip wine, whatever you need.

The waves and the gulls, the sand between the toes, The sky clearest blue, the scent of salty breeze. Nothing quite compares to a Summer by the Sea.

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