Lead Up to Easter An 8 Day Devotional You Can Do with your Children

Do you want to spend more time in The Word and wish there was an easy way to share it with your children?  Then you are in luck because I have planned out the stories of Easter Week into 8 days of activities, discussions, and of course, scripture. I’ve even broken it all down by age groups so you can have meaningful discussions with your children about Jesus no matter their age!

As many of you know, Easter is just around the corner, and while that often brings images of bunnies, eggs, and chocolate, the way Easter began involved a little less sugar 😊. For those of you not interested in learning more about the first Easter, I totally get it, no hard feelings. But, with the world appearing more threatening and scary each day, I decided to take some time to put together an 8 day devotional to do with my children that better helps explain why that first Easter was so important, and to offer them some hope and a place to look in times of fear and uncertainty. Once I got started, I figured there are probably other parents and grandparents and caring adults out there who might want to share this with their kiddos too, so I expanded it some to cover more age groups and used the multiple Children’s Bibles we have at our house for reference.

The Devotional covers the entire Easter Week from Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday, and continues through Jesus’ ascension and the arrival of the Holy Spirit. Verses and stories are identified by age group in these 4 Bibles, but don’t worry, if you don’t have one or want to purchase one, any Bible you have on hand will work. The verses that line up with each story are also identified for you, so you don’t have to go searching for them. There are activities written out for each day, and they are adjusted by age group because what is meaningful for a preschooler is often not as important or relevant to a sophomore in high school, right??? I also have suggested discussion questions for each day’s reading that will help you get started talking about the tough events of Holy Week, no matter if you have a 2 year old or a 12 year old.

My hope and prayer is that this devotional will help you start sharing the Bible and talking more about Jesus. Feel free to use these devotions as they work best with your schedule. You can use all of them or just pick a few. We have 4 kiddos, so while I would love to be able to say that we sit down as a family every day for a devotion, the truth is, that just doesn’t happen. We have school, and sports, and meetings, and meltdowns, so do what works for your family. Some time sharing Jesus is better than no time 💕!

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